My books are on sale (all six of them)

Just a reminder to my visitors that you can still buy my published books at Amazon. The link is here:

That Amazon author page contains the six books plus some of my short story magazine publications that are also linked.

I have written and published six books. There are two full length novels: Copper Moon Rising and Staccato House; three collections of short stories: Beyond Twilight, The Splendour of Shadows and Echoes and Exiles; and a YA novella, The Pirate Princess.

In terms of genre, Copper Moon Rising is a blend of SF and Fantasy. Staccato House is an psychological thriller based on the occult and some supernatural themes. It could also be categorised as 'weird fiction'. It was influenced by the film 'Eyes Wide Shut' and some occult fiction/conspiracy theories. The Pirate Princess is a YA fantasy adventure. I've been planning a sequel which has been in the works for a number of years. The short story collections are a mixture of everything: horror, fantasy, science fiction, occult & supernatural, psychological thriller, satire and urban realist fiction.

The original quartet published in 2010-2012

All six books (first edition of Copper Moon Rising with alternative cover)

All six books with some moody lighting!

Echoes and Exiles book with outstanding cover art by monkeysvsrobots

Monkeysvsrobots' amazing cover art for Staccato House


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