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Thirteen Thanks Alton Towers! Time for a title change methinks...

The Skin of My Teeth

My friend Ushna has published two books of her poetry, 'The Skin of my Teeth' and 'Dog's Breakfast'. Her work can be bought here: She's an exceptionally talented poet, script writer and artist, well worth a read!

Creative update

I'm aware this is my first post for almost three weeks, apologies to my limited number of followers! I have been working on several projects since December, and I have finally reached the first stage of fruition. I've completed first drafts of 13 short stories, and they will make up a collection entitled, appropriately enough 'Thirteen'. In a future blog post I will list the titles, to keep you all tantalised. Aside from those stories which have made the initial list for the collection, I was also working on three other stories. 'Rosebud', 'Beyond Twilight' and 'Moonlight Bay'. They won't be in. I started work on all three but I dropped them for different reasons. 'Rosebud' and 'Moonlight Bay' I think can be novels. I started writing and I realised that the stories can be extended in length and the story is better if its fully developed in this way. I've added them to my bank of novel concepts. 'Beyond Twilight'