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What's in a name?

When I was much younger, I used to think that the name 'Steve(n) Mace' was relatively uncommon- relative in comparison to a name like 'John Smith', for example. However, in this internet age, a detailed perusal of search engines tells me that there seem to be quite a few Steven Maces out there, and what a diverse and multi-talented bunch we are too! Our number includes writers, musicians, artists and other dynamic achievers. Check out all of these guys: There's this Steve Mace, who freaks me out somewhat: There's the theatrical Steve Mace:   and here: There's the Steve Mace who likes guns: There's the Steven Mace who played himself in the film 'Blindsight':


Speaking of Argento, his film "Suspiria" sets the standard for the witchcraft story in cinema, a truly terrifying and influential movie... Suspiria is part of Argento's Three Mothers witchcraft trilogy, along with 'Inferno' and 'The Mother of Tears'. Watching an Argento film is like experiencing a terrifying, distorted nightmare that you cannot awake from.

Demons in cinema

From 'Night of the Demon' to 'Night of the Demon s' , a 1980s horror classic. It was re-made in 2010 with Shannon Elizabeth as Angela, but I have not seen the remake. The original was terrifying. This was another film that had been inspired by the concept of 'The Exorcist', Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" films, and the Italian film-maker Dario Argento's film (with protege Lamberto Bava):  'Demons': the idea of demonic possession, with spectacularly gory and terrifying outcomes.

Blog on demons, witchcraft and the occult

Here is a blog discussing topics relating to demonology, witchcraft and the occult- with various useful and interesting links:


For anyone interested in demonology, here is an A-Z list of various demons and Lords of Hell, with references and characteristics, as detailed in religious documents, mythology, etc. There's a related website here with more detail about the categorised demons in the previous link: The above figure is a representation of the demon Baphomet.

Bizarre black and white photos

This bizarre collection of black and white photographs found its way into an e-mail I received at work, so I decided to share it here on my blog:

Martin Scorsese's 11 scariest horror movies of all time (also worth pointing out that the film 'Night of the Demon' is based on M.R James' short story "Casting the Runes")

Childhood likes

     I was having a conversation with a friend today about cartoons, tv programmes and movies that I liked when I was a kid. Here are just a few that I found myself mentioning: "Ulysses" and "Mysterious Cities of Gold" were two japanese anime cartoons that I always loved watching, and were screened on the BBC when I was a kid: "Century Falls" was a very creepy fantasy story on the BBC in the early 1990s from Russell T Davies, later involved with Doctor Who. Details about it are here: I was really frightened by an American TV movie called "Crowhaven Farm", about witches/witchcraft and reincarnation, I found it very disturbing: http://ilovescarystuff.blogspot.c

Graham Joyce interview

Here's a fascinating and enlightening interview with fantasy writer (and teacher of creative writing at Nottingham Trent University) Graham Joyce in 'The Edge' magazine. Thanks to Alexander Kolesnikov for finding this interview and bringing it to my attention.