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My books are on sale now!

A reminder that my books are available to buy from here The Pirate Princess can be bought for £5.58 _ This an exciting, graphic adventure story for adults and teenagers. Beyond Twilight can be bought for £7.99 _ Fourteen short stories of horror, science fiction, fantasy and suspense. Copper Moon Rising can be bought for £8.02 _ A fantasy epic of violence, sorcery, and intrigue Although paperbacks, all the books are of excellent quality and not too heavy reading so perfect for reading on the train and on holiday!

Vampire fiction- an excerpt/flash fiction

In the Dead of Night The house was perfectly silent. Nothing stirred. The girl slept peacefully on the bed. Her only movement was the flutter of her eyelids as she dreamed. The covers of the bed slowly rose a centimetre or two and then fell, as she breathed. The white drapes at the window blew gently into the room with the night breeze, like pale spectral ghosts. At that moment a shadow passed across the interior of the room, momentarily obstructing the white glimmer of the full moon. The girl moaned softly in her sleep. Her drowsing face creased into a frown, before becoming impassive again. It was as if her subconscious momentarily detected a threat, before it was hidden again. Scarlet eyes burned like lamps in the face of the dark intruder, as he silently flowed like a spreading pool of black ink into the bedroom. He was like a black storm cloud until his form slowly materialised and became more substantial. As he flowed toward her and looked upon the face of the sleeping gi