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The writer's mindset

The blank page is always an intimidating prospect for any writer. I could probably say the same thing about my blog sometimes! In the midst of writing new work at the moment, and at that stage when writing ten pages in a day of a first draft is a small triumph. I'm working on two novels and a collection of short stories simultaneously, hopefully proving that men can indeed multi-task and we are not restricted by tunnel vision. The logic to working in this way is that should I hit writer's block or poor flow with a novel or story that I'm working on, then I can switch to another for variety's sake, then switch back with a fresh viewpoint. At the moment my method is simply to complete a first draft, and then go back and fill in gaps, expand detail and characterisation, spot inconsistences and iron out flaws, grammatical or otherwise. I could compare it to creating the skeleton before adding meat to the bones. In the coming months, I'll know whether this method h