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Q & A

I'm going to do a Q & A on my Facebook page at some point, so I would like to receive questions from anyone who is a fan of my writing, or just interested in writing generally- you don't have to ask me specifically about my books (particularly if you haven't read them anyway!) My facebook author page is here: Please post your questions here, or send them to my e-mail address: macey_boy at yahoo dot com I'll respond to them in a Note on the fb page.

Putney to Richmond walk

On Saturday I walked from Putney Bridge along the Thames River to Richmond (West London), and I took a few photos along the way. The first one is from the bank near Putney Bridge. The second one is taken near Chiswick. The third one is the Harrods Depository building, which is next to the river, and looked impressive from where I was standing on the towpath. Next one is the river near Hammersmith Bridge. The next one is the river view at Barnes Bridge. At Barnes, I had to leave the river for a bit because the Thames path doesn't go through Kew Gardens, which are by the river. I walked past a rugby ground which belongs to London Welsh Rugby Club. In the distance, you can see a Japanese pagoda tower which is part of Kew Gardens. The last two are scenic river views at Richmond-upon-Thames. Overall, I think it was a 4-5 mile walk.

Vigilant Citizen I stumbled across this conspiracy theory website today, which contains some disturbing but interesting dissections of modern pop music videos, and an analysis of the stars own personalities and behaviour, which the website claims are in thrall to a mind control program called 'Monarch'. It is all linked to the Illuminati conspiracy beliefs and some of David Icke's theories. It's very entertaining stuff, and some of the symbolism that is identified, in Britney Spears' video for example, is incredible. I was particularly interested in the link to Baphomet and mentions of H.I.M (His Infernal Majesty), as I have been reading about demonology, various cults and Aleister Crowley recently.