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Inspiration in Dreams

The other day I had that wonderful experience that I keep a notebook on my bedside cabinet before - a vivid dream that was remembered immediately upon waking. I awakened with a feeling of jangling nerves and anxiety, a legacy from my slumbers. I reached for my notepad, and scribbled the events and figures of the dream down- eager to record the details before they vanished in a cloud of morning smoke. I was blessed with a clear narrative and vision of what could be a new short story or novel. It is a moment that all writers hope for, a dream of a dream.

Copper Moon Rising - an update

I am still in the process of chipping away at the uneven edifice which is 'Copper Moon Rising'. After the initial full draft, which was completed in early 2009, I decided upon a complete rewrite and redrafting of the novel (after I'd had a break). The novel is in three parts, and I finished the first part in March this year. After April was interrupted by illness, I've made some progress with Part Two, which is an extension of the middle part of the novel and is essentially a first draft. I still need to complete the rewrite and redrafting of Part Three too. If I'm optimistic, hopefully I can finish it in June/July but I suspect I may have to wait until September- wish me luck, anyhow!