Notes Reviews Vinyl Tag via Niamh the Prog Nerd

  Yesterday Niamh the Prog Nerd did another vinyl tag video, this one from Notes Reviews. I follow her channel so I have decided to jump on board for fun and do the same thing on my blog with the CDs and cassettes I own. The questions this time were: 1. An album you got for free (bonus points if it was from the band) 2. A 'rainy day' album 3. An album that has grown on you (didn't like when you first heard it, now you do) 4. An album that has a female member in the band that doesn't sing lead vocals 5. A 'cottage vibes' album 6. An album that has Mike Portnoy on drums (bonus points if it is NOT Dream Theater) 7. A Side Project album 8. First album purchased with own money 9. A 'nostalgic' album 10. An album obtained at a concert 11. A quintessential summer album 12. Most expensive single record bought (not a box set or double/triple CD) 13. An album you own more than once (across the same format) 14. A quintessential Canadian 15. An album that marked a s

New Helloween album arrived

I decided to pick up the new Helloween album which was released on June 18th . It features both the returns of key founding member Kai Hansen and legendary singer Michael Kiske. I ordered the limited CD digibook edition with a nice slipcase. Brand spanking new and wrapped with hype sticker. Unwrapped but still inside the slip case. Back of the case with track detail (all courtesy of Nuclear Blast). The CD Digibook is inside, like so Here's the cover of the album in full, with artwork. Below are images of the CD booklet: featuring more artwork, photographs of the band, lyrics, designs and even a riddle/puzzle to solve. I'm very pleased with this packaging and this limited edition of the album- I can't wait to listen to the music. This is a good example of why its still fun and rewarding to own and to continue to buy music in a physical format, be it CD, vinyl or even cassette.

Niamh the Prog Nerd - Vinyl Tag 2021 (but with CDs! and...cassettes)

In the past few years I've begun subscribing to a number of YouTube channels themed around physical music collecting, music discussions, album rankings etc. I've been following these channels and watching videos while I've expanded my own collection. I was originally a heavy metal fan, and during the 90s and 00s I started listening and buying to a lot of alternative/indie rock, and then classic rock. In the past ten years, I've started to get heavily into progressive rock. There are some great channels focusing on these genres which I'll do a blog post in the future about. I started buying my own music with my pocket money in the late 1980s. Of course, back then it was all physical format rather than streaming/downloads/digital. My format of choice initially was cassette so my early purchases were all on cassette tape. In about the mid 1990s I started buying CDs, and I've never stopped collecting albums in this format despite the advent of digital downloads. I&#