Cirith Ungol - Half Human EP

I picked up the latest Cirith Ungol release, an EP entitled Half Past Human , released this year on Metal Blade Records. It has four songs on it, 'Route 666'; 'Shelob's Lair', 'Brutish Manchild' and the title track 'Half Past Human'. I was very pleased to add this to my expanding music collection. During the lockdown months, I have enjoyed the pleasures of listening to music while working, writing and exercising. I've been discovering, and re-discovering, a lot of classic rock and metal bands. Cirith Ungol are a band I particularly like for Tim Baker's distinctive vocals, and their heavy sound combined with fantasy 'sword and sorcery' lyrics and themes. They are named after the mountain pass Cirith Ungol in J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, along which is the lair of Shelob the spider.  The band were formed in 1972 and released their first studio album, Frost and Fire , in 1981. However, they broke up in 1992 and were inactive un

March 2020- May 2021: More images of the lockdown era in London

I have a host of photographs that I've taken over the past 15 months, that I didn't include in my previous post back at the end of last year. They've been taken from various trips and rambles around Greater London, and unfortunately haven't been labelled. Nevertheless I thought I'd post on my blog again and share them all. If you're familiar with London environs then you will probably recognise many of the places. I quite like documenting my travels but I'm not particular about captioning everything, and it would take too much time to do so now. Instead, I will let the images speak for themselves.