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The Splendour of Shadows (2011 short story collection)

Where you can buy The Splendour of Shadows: Lulu (hard print copy): Amazon Kindle (eBook for Kindle version): Smashwords (eBook version): The cover artwork for The Splendour of Shadows : "Fear No More" by Janne Olkkonen After Copper Moon Rising , Beyond Twilight , and The Pirate Princess were published in 2010, I had plenty of ideas for a new collection of short stories, entitled  The Splendour of Shadows . All of the stories in this collection were written between 2010 and 2011, with the exception of 'Bloodlines', which I had an earlier draft for, but rewrote in this period. Many of the stories in The Splendour of Shadows were almost mini-novellas rather than standard modern short stories, with lengths ranging between 10,000 and 25,000 w

Beyond Twilight (2010 short story collection)

Where you can buy Beyond Twilight: Lulu (hard print copy): Amazon Kindle (eBook for Kindle version): Smashwords (eBook version): Cover artwork for Beyond Twilight My first short story collection Beyond Twilight contains most of my earlier writing. I wrote my first group of short stories between 1997 and 2002, and these were mainly horror, fantasy and SF stories, but there were even a couple of children's stories.  This first group which were written in this period consisted of the following stories: 'Death Head'; 'Martin'; 'The Baron's Cheesecake'; 'The Question'; 'The Lost Boy'; 'The Prodigal'; 'Electra'; 'Garden of Illusion'; 'Moonlight Bay'; 'R

The Pirate Princess (2010 novel)

"The Descent"- illustration by Alena Mana Where you can buy The Pirate Princess : Lulu (hard print copy): Amazon Kindle (ebook for Kindle version): Smashwords (ebook version): The Pirate Princess is a much shorter novel than Copper Moon Rising, almost a novella, and was written during intervals between 2006 and 2010. It's a straight-forward fantasy adventure tale, and I suppose it can be categorised as young adult fiction. Pirates were a popular theme during this period, perhaps due to the success of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films. The Pirate Princess is set in a fictional unknown fantasy world, in a region that has geographical and cultural aspects similar to Arabia, the Mediterranean and Caribbean locations in centuries past. My mai

Copper Moon Rising (2010 novel)

I hope to publish two new books this year, but before I do I wanted to talk about my previous books. The first of these is my first novel, the science fiction-fantasy epic Copper Moon Rising. You can buy a copy of this novel at: Lulu (hard print copy): Amazon Kindle- ebook for Kindle version Smashwords- ebook version The cover for Copper Moon Rising: "Damnation Alley" by Peter Krause Copper Moon Rising was my first attempt at a novel, and my labours on it proved to be very difficult. The creation of this novel was a stop-start and elongated process. To give you some idea, I started writing it in 1997, and did not finish the published version which is available, until 2010. I started it when I was 18 years old, and eventually finished it when I was 31