Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fright Night remake

I was fascinated to see that the classic 1980s horror-comedy 'Fright Night' has been remade, as the original is one of my favourite films. The remake stars Colin Farrell as the vampire Jerry Dandridge and David Tennant as the reluctant vampire-hunter Peter Vincent, while Anton Yelchin is the unwitting teenager Charley Brewster who discovers his next door neighbour Dandridge is a vampire. Those roles were originally played by Chris Sarandon (Dandridge), Roddy McDowall (Peter Vincent) and William Ragsdale (Charley).

The original was definitely more of a horror-genre film than comedy from what I can remember (perhaps in the same manner as An American Werewolf in London), and was a very frightening film in certain scenes:

Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge in the original film

The original Fright Night poster

There was also a 1980s sequel, Fright Night Part 2, with Julie Carmen as Jerry Dandridge's sister seeking vengeance for what happened to her brother in the first film (hopefully not giving the game away too much there!). Most of the cast of the original film reprised their roles. I enjoyed the sequel too, I thought it was almost as good as the original film. Perhaps of this remake of the original film is successful, they will remake the sequel too...

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