Friday, 12 August 2011

Facebook Page

I just thought I'd remind people about my Facebook page, where I also post news and other little tidbits:

Please feel free to visit or even 'like' the page, as I'm usually quite active there. I've already finished my new book (a collection of original short stories) so in the next couple of months there will be plenty of news heading your way about my latest writings. I will be keeping you posted!

The latest book will contain most of the short stories that I've been working on in the past year. Whereas the previous collection 'Beyond Twilight' contained stories that were written over a much longer period, from 1997-2010, this new book will contain material that I have written in the past twelve months. I think that the new stories are a discernable step up in quality, although they explore similar themes to the 'Beyond Twilight' collection and are mostly written in horror, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction genres. Although having said that, I've also written two stories 'The Promenade' and 'Dignity', which are more examples of contemporary dramatic fiction. More information coming soon...

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