My 12 Favourite Youtube channels for music

I thought I'd share my 12 favourite Youtube channels for music. Why twelve? Well, originally it was going to be a top ten but there were two channels I just couldn't leave out. I've listed these in no particular order. Obviously as you can tell from my recent posts, my musical preferences are for metal/hard rock/classic rock/progressive rock/alternative rock and these are the genres that these Youtube channels specialise in. After the linked video for each channel, I'm going to share an image of my copy of an album by a band that I had never heard of before this channel introduced me to them, and whose music I've got into purely because of the channel. These bands may be of interest to you too. I would encourage you to watch these channels if you are interested in these genres and would like to be introduced to fresh, unfamiliar rock music, both old and new- from the 1960s to the present day. 1. Sea of Tranquility Sea of Tranquility is one of the largest music chann

Halloween Literature and Music

For Halloween this year, I thought I'd create a blog post celebrating horror and supernatural themed books and music that I own and enjoy, kicking off with a selection of books first: This is a very enjoyable collection of tales from the Welsh author Arthur Machen, featuring his most famous weird, sinister tale 'The White People', which I highly recommend. I first wrote about Laird Barron on this blog in 2016 . He writes in the type of weird supernatural realms that I enjoy and he is one of my favourite authors. The Croning is a very disturbing tale of cosmic horror. I also wrote about Thomas Ligotti in 2016. This particular collection is very strong and has some of my favourite stories by Ligotti, 'Les Fleurs'; 'Dreams of a Manikin'; 'Dr Voke and Mr Leech'; 'The Sect of the Idiot'; 'The Music of the Moon'; 'Flowers of the Abyss'; 'In the Shadow of another World'; 'The Cocoons'; 'The Glamour' and '