Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Publication News: "The Prodigal" at Inner Sins Webzine

My short story "The Prodigal" has been published in the dark fiction webzine Inner Sins. I had the original idea for this story many years ago. In fact, two things I have written sprang from this singular idea. 

This idea concerned a boy who was running from something unknown, and who then met an older man who sought to help him. In the first case- a boy running through a remote alien forest, away from mysterious pursuers- this became the opening chapter of my Fantasy/SF novel Copper Moon Rising. In the second version of the idea, the boy who was pursued became somebody who was much darker, a little nastier. In this particular tale, the boy on the run was not a victim, or heroic in any way, like the banished orphaned prince in Copper Moon Rising. This boy was evil, he had done something very bad, and his pursuers were seeking vengeance. This boy had returned from the dead, although he was not a ghost- for his flesh and blood had been preserved for his torturous punishments, and his enemies are supernatural entities.

This is the premise for my dark supernatural short story "The Prodigal", which you can read here in Issue 18 (Fall 2014 edition) of Inner Sins. I hope you enjoy reading it:

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