Thursday, 9 January 2014

Publication News: Vortex in Diabolique Magazine

My short SF/Horror/Fantasy story "Vortex" has been published in Diabolique Magazine's Exhumation Collection, alongside stories such as "The Wandering Train" by Stefan Grabinski; "The Lady of the House" by Matthew McLachlan; "Hisako San" by Ingrid Pitt and "The Drowning" by Catherine E. Kovach. 
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My short story "Vortex" is about a series of supernatural events taking place in our world, which are linked to a universe where an organisation known as the Arcadian Vortex exists. It is controlled by a triad of female entities known as 'The Matriarchy'. In this story you will be introduced to Peregrine Lascombe and Victor Phalange, two extraordinary and talented individuals who are members of the Vortex; and Charlie Townsend, a very brave little boy.  The story stands alone, but it is also part of a cycle of stories I'm calling "The Arcadian Tales", and which I will complete in the future. You can read it here at Diabolique:  Vortex by Steven Mace 

'Vortex' has been kindly illustrated by my collaborator Mana AE, and her artwork for the story has also been published by Diabolique. Below is one of her illustrations, showing Charlie Townsend and his mother Elaine, who has been possessed by a supernatural entity:

(C) Mana AE, 2013

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