Monday, 20 June 2011

Shortlisted in Contact Publishing's Page Turner Prize competition

My novella 'Staccato House' was shortlisted for Contact Publishing's Page Turner Prize competition. I came 7th overall and won a book as a my prize.

I'm planning to rewrite and extend my novella entry 'Staccato House' into a novel.


  1. Good luck - I came sixth with my entry Living Doll but feel like quitting writing after many years of trying to break into the novel market, though I did have over a hundred short stories published when the magazine market was different. Now short fiction has been replaced by a hunger for celeb gossip! I wonder why Contact can not publish all ten shortlisted entries though nor even a book with sample chapters of the nine which didn't win ??? Best wishes, Suzanne.

    1. Hello Suzanne, thank you- your comment was very interesting as I've also been trying to place short stories with magazines and having a frustrating experience! This was the first competition I got anywhere with, but I've substantially re-written 'Staccato House' anyway so I'm not too unhappy- hopefully I can do something with it. Good luck to you too, and thanks again.