Sunday, 27 March 2011

What's in a name?

When I was much younger, I used to think that the name 'Steve(n) Mace' was relatively uncommon- relative in comparison to a name like 'John Smith', for example. However, in this internet age, a detailed perusal of search engines tells me that there seem to be quite a few Steven Maces out there, and what a diverse and multi-talented bunch we are too! Our number includes writers, musicians, artists and other dynamic achievers. Check out all of these guys:

There's this Steve Mace, who freaks me out somewhat:

There's the Steven Mace who played himself in the film 'Blindsight': (he's a rock climber from Colorado)

Oh, look and there's the uber-cool Steve Mace who plays bass guitar in the American rock band 'Untamed Youth':

There's even a Stephen Mace who is a writer just like me, the author of "Stealing the Fire from Heaven":  He's interested in "chaos magick", which sounds fantastic! As well as stealing the fire from heaven, he's stolen my name! Plagiarist! However, he's spelled the first name wrongly, so I'll let him off.

There's also Steve Mace, a "cement-based artist" from Brighton, who has interests in heavy industry, industrial landscapes and architecture. Combining art and industry seems a bit of an oxymoron to me. Does the idea of turning a beach into a seaside car park carry aesthetic value for this Steve Mace? You can check out his little concrete segment of the internet here:  and here  A lot of what he does just seems like stonemasonry and purposeless architecture to me. The important question though is this: is he a builder who thinks he's an artist, or an artist who thinks he's a builder?

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